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Advertisement holds the space for most of the money a company pays for marketing. All our Advertising goals are meant to influence people and convert into leads. Until now, different companies did every possible way to promote their business through television, magazines, and newspapers for a considerable amount of money.

As people started to spend more time online, internet advertising has increased in an enormous amount. Internet giants like Google and Facebook have the major share in the digital advertising industry. Unlike traditional methods, online advertising goes on a much lower price than has the potential to bring tremendous ROI. 

We create ads that public love to watch that helps to build brand value and generate enquiries and sales into your company. There are several platforms one could choose for advertising. Depending on the business, requirements, and targeting customers, we precisely decide which area a company should focus on and how much budget to be allocated for it. As a digital advertising agency, we serve all sorts of internet marketing services from tip to top in the utmost quality. With our expertise in analytics and tracking, our team traces every bit in the campaign process.

Social Media Campaigns

We master in social media advertising. Our team has exceptional experience in each influential social media, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and TikTok.Depending on the objective, we choose the right campaign methodology and find the precise audience with complete data tracking.

Pay Per Click

We provide pay per click advertising in major search engines like google, yahoo, and bing that helps you to rank top on searches irrespective of SEO. By comprehensive keyword research, we bid on the exact keyword to fetch the precise audience.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters campaigns are conventional, yet an effective method of marketing. Newsletter campaigns are ideal for building trust and brand awareness. With our creative content strategy and techniques, we create a perfect newsletter that is both characteristic and engaging.

Display Advertising

We assist companies for display advertising that helps to reach the relevant audience all across the internet. Our team will find high traffic websites related to your niche and set up varied display ads according to the requirements.


We won't let anyone go once they visit your website. We integrate remarketing codes in different areas based on the structure and functionality of the website. After getting the track record of their activities on the sites, we stack them until they convert into sales.

Influencer Marketing

Atoms connect influencers to market companies. Depending upon the business, location, and budget, we help in setting up contracts with reputed personalities, social media celebrities, and film stars across kerala and overseas

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