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Digital Marketing in Kerala

India is the second biggest internet market in the world, with more than 700 million users. 

The availability of the internet started in the mid-90s. Later, both the public and private sectors provided cellular and internet services that were relatively cheaper than any other countries in the world.

The true revolution of the internet began in 2014 after the telecom company called JIO started to provide internet service at a lower cost than before, forcing the rest of companies to lower the cost as well.

These are some of the key facts of internet users in India.
  • Nearly 70% of internet users are regular users.
  • 9 out of 10 urban internet users use the internet at least once a week.
  • Internet penetration in the country is about 50%.
Among other Indian states, Kerala has a unique stand in the realm of the internet. Like many other entities, Kerala puts an ideal example for the rest of India in the area of digitalization

Below are some notable points about digitalization in Kerala.
  • 1st officially declared digital state in India.
  • 2nd highest internet penetrated state in India by 54%.
  • 1st Indian state to declare the internet as a fundamental right.
  • By December 2020, 20 lakh BPL (below poverty line) households will be granted free internet.
  • 95.7% of people have a mobile phone, and more than 70% are smartphone users.
  • 1st Indian state to bring digital education.
  • More than 2000 public wifi zones.
  • 13 million internet subscribers.
  • First and complete e-literate state in India.
Digital Marketing in Kerala

Along with the growth of the internet, the popularity of digital marketing has also increased in Kerala. Back in 2014, the number of digital marketing agencies was few.  Instead, conventional marketing companies were on the ground.

By the end of 2014, internet users rapidly increased. The demand for digital marketing has also risen. The growth of digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing methods, and many conventional marketing firms switched to digital marketing companies.

Local SEO played a significant role in digital marketing. By taking advantage of local SEO, many businesses like restaurants, institutions were able to establish their marketing posture in their local areas.

As there were multiple websites in the same niche, there was a need for SEOand PPC marketing. The popularity of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, has also taken digital marketing to the next level.

Currently, digital marketing has become a common method of marketing, even for small businesses. Many institutions are also providing courses for pursuing digital marketing education.

Digital marketing agencies in Kerala have also grown by a substantial number. The main hub for digital marketing agencies is in Kochi, Calicut and Trivandrum. Many digital marketing companies are now providing marketing services at an affordable rate to attract small businesses.

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