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Websites are the backbone of a digital presence that gives an idea of what product or service you provide. It's a space that reflects the quality and signature of the company. Websites represent how you want the public to see your business. So it's vital to present your website that justifies the future brand growth of the company.

We are proud to say that our team is one of the most proficient and sophisticated web developers in the industry. Every bit of our programming codes are optimized utmost perfectly, that loads super fast under google standards.

All the websites we produce give users the fairest impression on the first look itself. With our advanced techniques, creativity, and experience, we deliver a great user experience that no one could, making us the best website development company in kerala.

Domain and Hosting

We provide our service from domain purchase to server frameworks and everything in between. We help you to get the right and desired domain name according to the niche and operational area. Our team manages all hosting services, including GoDaddy, AWS, and cloud servers. We handle server optimization, SSL certification, VPN, CDN, and load balancing.


We do custom WordPress development for all kinds of websites, including portals, portfolios, blogs, etc. All our WordPress website are developed in good standards that comprise the speed and vulnerability. We provide support packages for optimization and to bring new additions like templates or plugins to your current WordPress website.


Ecommerce websites are the most practical and effective way to shift your business online. Some of the current business firms are confused if they could get all customization as that of running locally. We develop all kinds of E-commerce websites, irrespective of the niche, or any internal methodical process. Whatever the business you run offline, we make it online.

Custom Development

We understand your business and all the elements that contribute to it. After seizing an engraving idea, we strategically implement those business strategies to every phase of the website, including the design, functionality, and user experience. Along with our solid front end development, we provide superior back end custom programming to integrate all the data and distinct needs.

Website Rebuilding

Building an entirely new website to add limited changes and configurations will be expensive and will be time-consuming. At Atoms, we rebuild your website both front end and back end according to the prerequisite that solves the new need to add additional features, resolve bugs, and better user experience by delivering a fresh glimpse to the website.

Performance Optimization

A website's performance is crucial for better user experience, domain authority, and SERP values. The performance of a website depends on many factors that could be solved from minimal to advanced levels. We optimize various elements of the website, including codes, images, videos, HTML, javascript, cache, and server related issues.

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